UM CrossFit Shred Stack

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Urban Muscle CrossFit Shred Stack is the perfect supplement stack for those looking to get the most out of their Strength and Conditioning training without adding unnecessary calories. The combination of IN-CEL, Resurrect and WPI will transform your performance during WODs and recovery times while muscle soreness and body fat will be drastically reduced.

IN-CEL greatly increases ATP production in the muscle cells whilst increasing blood flow to the muscle and decreasing lactic acid build up!

Resurrect improves recovery times and lean muscle beyond belief so you will feel far less muscle soreness allowing you to get back to the box sooner and train even harder.

WPI is the fastest acting and leanest protein protein on the world market. UM WPI is ideal for those who want the protein without any the extra calories found in other products.

How to Take

IN-CEL: 20 minutes pre-WOD.

Resurrect: Immediately post WOD and again 12 hours later.

WPI: 5 minutes after Resurrect post WOD and as a snack replacement between meals.

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