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Urban Muscle SHRED STACK . 

The Urban Muscle shred stack is ideal for trainers looking to:

 - Remove unwanted body fat...FAST

- Increase/Maintain lean muscle while stripping body fat.


Pack contains:

1 x Platinum Blend 4kg

1 x Heat 120caps

1 x LT4 120caps

1 x Shaker Cup


How to use

Take 4 Heat Capsules half an hour before training. If you train in the morning take them again mid afternoon. If you train in the evening take them first thing in the morning as well. This will raise your metabolism all through the day and mobilize fats from your stores into the blood stream to be used up as energy.

Take LT4 in a similar fashion. This will clean the liver and mobilize fats into the muscles to be used as fuel

Take Platinum Blend on water after training to ensure lean muscle recovery, and for a morning and afternoon snack of high protein with very low fats and carbs, also helping to keep metabolism running.  


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